The new Jiffy Orchid Wafer offers an innovative way of transplanting orchid young plants. Jiffy Orchid Wafer is manufactured utilizing a coarse grade of Coir which allows the grower increased control over the water content of the plug during propagation. The use of coarser coir also allows the grower to water heavily when needed to leach out salts from the plug, without jeopardizing air movement within the plug or leaving the plants too wet.

Grower feedback has shown that the moisture content of the plug is easier to maintain at an optimum level, resulting in a very quick root development even for the longer term crops. More control over irrigation leads to faster growth and improved profits.

The Jiffy Orchid Wafer, available in two sizes, is shipped in dry and compressed shape. When watered the Orchid Wafer expands while gently ensuring no harm is done to the tender Orchid roots. You’ll find working with the Orchid Wafer is simple, fast and efficient and will keep the potting area clean.

Currently Jiffy offers two sizes of Orchid Wafer, 30x40mm and 30x20mm, both a perfect size to place in a 98 or 72 cell tray.

The Jiffy Orchid Wafer is the perfect plug solution for all hard and tender rooting crops where air in the plug is a must for optimal success.