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Jiffy International AS, headquartered in Kristiansand Norway is the leading worldwide supplier of environmentally friendly propagation systems, hydroponic systems, growing containers and substrates for the horticultural industry. Utilizing renewable resources and bio-based materials such as peat, coir, pulp and other bio-mass and plant starches, Jiffy has been on the forefront of sustainability for many years.

Jiffy is a globally operating company and has manufacturing locations strategically located near peat bogs in Canada, Denmark and Norway, producing peat pots and Jiffy-7 pellet propagation systems. Jiffy also manufactures a complete line of coir products at our three manufacturing facilities in Sri Lanka.

Jiffy abides by the highest standards both in safeguarding the environment as well as providing the highest quality, in many cases certified products, to its customers. The professional grower of today relies on the best technical assistance for the products chosen as inputs in their businesses.

About us
About us

Jiffy in South Africa and Africa

In South Africa, Jiffy is represented by Camel Thorn Horticulture (Pty) Ltd. We have a warehouse in Johannesburg and one in Hillcrest, KZN, and from these we supply our customers throughout Southern Africa. We also supply customers across Sub Saharan Africa directly from Jiffy’s manufacturing facilities in Sri Lanka, Europe and Canada.

We stock a wide range of Jiffy products in our warehouses with our own truck and drivers for shorter deliveries. We supply growers of vegetables, forestry, pecans, macadamias, roses, vines, flowers, and many other plants with a range of Jiffy products.

Jiffy in South Africa is closely supported by agronomists, technical specialists and marketers from Jiffy’s various facilities across the world. These visit our regions regularly and together we support growers across South, East and Southern Africa. We also have a permanent local team.

The Team


Jules Kieser – Director  – South Africa (BSc. Hons. MBA.)

Willem Jacobs – Forestry Africa

Bradley Petsch – Kwazulu Natal

Rudolph Malatshi – Warehouse Management

Jules Kieser – Director - South Africa (BSc. Hons. MBA.)
Jules Kieser – Director - South Africa (BSc. Hons. MBA.)