Vines in Jiffy7C

The customer

A large South African vine producer was looking for a solution to his problems encountered when transplanting vines from nursery to fields for hardening. He needed a big enough pellet that would afford him a long growing time and sufficient root development while in the nursery. At the same time it should provide the required stability and durability to ensure the pellet stays in one piece. The grower was also looking for alternatives to change the process of hardening by planting out into the soil.

Most importantly, the pellet should allow for easy transplanting and low transplant shock, thereby reducing transplant mortality.

The following benefits were noticed:

  • Easy deployment and usage -simple to hydrate, tray and plant;
  • World class growing media gives excellent rooting and growth, ensuring optimal root development;
  • Ease of movement of individual plants from tray to tray, enabling regular sorting and grading of plants for consistency;
  • Tray system ensures ease of movement from nursery to field;
  • Easy transplant, (plant the pellet direct into the ground), minimising transplant shock and ensuring a decrease in transplant mortality.
  • Long pellet life, retaining stability for up to 9  months.


The grower had to modify his system slightly to accommodate the Jiffy7C pellet but gained some significant benefits as a result (see above). The grower is now rolling out the solution seasonally.