Peppers in Grow Bags case study

The customer

An undercover pepper farmer who runs a well-established hydroponic pepper operation growing in greenhouses and using coco peat growbags as growing medium. He wishes to ensure that he has quality growbags with consistent EC and pH year on year as well as properly washed cocopeat and chips that ensure water clear enough from the start to be sterilised using UV methods. (Grow Bags with coco peat and chips that are not thoroughly washed produce water too darkly stained for the UV systems to work).

Trial and roll out

A number of grow bag sizes were trialled over a crop cycle until the  1mx15cmx12cm size was decided on using a 70% husk chip and 30% cocopeat mix.

The following benefits were noticed:

  • Consistent and repeatable EC and pH of growing medium in the bags as per the specification;
  • Clean water from the start ensuring the effective use of UV sterilisers right from the beginning;
  • Pre-cut planting and drainage holes allowed for easy deployment;
  • Wide range of configuration of growbags in terms of size and dimensions as well as makeup of growing medium. In this trial the first bags trialled were 50% husk chip and 50% cocopeat and the final bags used were 70% husk chip and 30% cocopeat. A further planting in 100% husk chip bags resulted once the grower had grown accustomed to the process.


Jiffy growbags are delivered with pre agreed specifications. In particular, ph and EC are exactly as promised ensuring peace of mind for the grower. The thorough washing and buffering process of the Jiffy growing media means that the water in the system is clear from day one and allows UV sterilisation from the beginning. The wide range of growbag configurations allow the grower to experiment and change bag specifications as he/she learns.