Cucumbers in Jiffy products


A number of South African customers use Jiffy products for the propagation and cultivation of cucumbers. The majority of the customers grow hydroponically,

Products used

Cucumbers have been grown in a number of Jiffy products by a wide range of growers. Commonly used products include the Jiffy 7C pellet for germination and propagation, the Growblock for “growing out” the plants to a suitable height before transplanting and the Growbag for growing the plants to production. The 7C pellets used most commonly are the 50mmx60mm, but the 60mmx120mm has also been trialled to ensure a large plant is developed for transplant and rapid fruiting.


All seeds were sown directly into Jiffy 7C pellets in trays. The seedlings were then grown to a suitable size before transplanting. Various systems were used to grow the seedlings after transplanting including growbags, easyfill bags and sawdust bags..