Cannabis trials in Jiffy 7C


Numerous trials were conducted with large producers trialing before they received licencing to proceed with production and also with smaller producers using small hydroponic or conventional systems for growing.

Products used

Initial trials were conducted in the Jiffy 7C 50mmx60mm pellets, giving significant size for root development and allowing a reasonable growth time before transplanting. Some customers preferred a smaller pellet and used the Jiffy 7C 40mmx45mm pellet. This allowed for more pellets per tray (60 cavities). Still other customers wanted to cultivate a bigger plant before transplanting and used the Jiffy 7C 60mmx120mm pellet to grow out big plants.


All seeds were sown directly into Jiffy 7C pellets in trays. The seedlings were then grown to a suitable size before transplanting. Various systems were used to grow the seedlings after transplanting including hydroponic systems, in soil systems, pots and bags.

Benefits noticed

  • Convenience of use. The ease of expanding the pellets and planting with no composting required, no filling of vessels with growing medium and no plastic were all remarked upon by growers. Consistent, top class growing medium in every pellet;
  • High germination rates. All growers noticed better germination rates, an important requirement given the cost of seeds;
  • Fast growth rates. The seedlings reached transplant size quicker, cutting down on nursery time;
  • Good root development. Improved root development meant healthy and robust plants with good transplant success;
  • Low transplant shock. Transplanting from seedling trays into the growing system became much more successful due to the ease of transplant and the fact that roots were not disturbed as the plant is transplanted pellet and all;
  • Suitability for hydroponic systems. The size and shape of the pellets makes them stable in gutter type hydroponic systems and the fact that the growing medium is contained in the netting of the pellet means less growing medium dissolves into the system to foul up valves and/or drippers;


The Jiffy 7C is a very good seedling pellet for propagating cannabis under African conditions. The pellets ensure good germination rates and ease of transplant, two features consistently mentioned as requirements by growers. The pellets also provided a solution to the problem of finding good growing medium conveniently and easily, a problem especially experienced by smaller growers cultivating for home use.