Propagation of Tea Cuttings in Jiffy 7C pellets

Jiffy 7C 40mm x 90mm pellet in 49 cavity trays for Tea

  1. Initial preparation & planting of cuttings
    • Ideally, a bud and leaf is used for rooting same as in conventional propagation method;
    • A sharp, clean nodal cut is essential;
    • Apply a rooting hormone prior to planting (suggestion: IBA 75ppm concentration);
    • Insert the cutting firmly in to the pellet medium;
    • Tighten carefully at the base of cutting with the finger.
  2. Initial Preparation of pellets
    • Pellet packs, (pellets in trays), are taken to expansion table before the preparation of buds as planting needs to be done as quickly as possible after harvesting of cuttings;
    • Expand the pellets by spraying water on them or by submerging in a water bath;
    • If using a bath, make sure the pellets are not over saturated;
    • Spraying is preferred and will enable better control over over-saturation;
    • The preferred moisture content of the expanded pellet is that there is ‘no water at the bottom of the pellet to squeeze out’;
    • Arrange the expanded pellets in trays in the propagator.
  3. Preparation of the propagator
    • Propagators are built under a shade house with 50% -60% shade depending on the climate of the nursery (The same requirement as the tea nursery needs in the area);
    • Best alignment for the propagator is North –South;
    • The propagator can be a simple structure covered with clear polythene;
    • The floor should be covered with a polythene;
    • Polythene should be wide enough to ensure a complete sealing of the propagator.
  4. Condition management
    • When the plants in trays are placed in the propagator, seal it properly to maintain maximum humidity. This will enable faster rooting, avoid frequent irrigation and maintain better temperature.
    • Ideally the temperature should be 32C -35 C for optimal rooting;
    • Root initiation will occur within 4-6 weeks. Once the roots are visible, the polythene cover can be removed in mornings and evenings to adapt the plants to the environment.

    Jiffy 7C 50mm x 60mm pellet in 4 cavity trays or 60mm x 120mm for Tea

    • These are alternative products for tea propagation;
    • The properties of the medium are the same as those of the 40m x 90mm pellet;
    • Nursery set up and all other practices are similar to 40m x 90mm pellet;
    • The 50mm x 60mm pellets may need slightly more frequent watering;
  5. Fertilizer application
    • When the majority of the cuttings are rooted a foliar fertilizer program needs to be initiated;
    • To begin with a dose of high P soluble fertilizer (Ex: 10-52-10) 2g/l can be applied as a spraying;
    • 20-20-20 can be sprayed 2g/l dose twice a week during the first two weeks;
    • With nursery experience, alternative soluble fertilizers can be sprayed.