Jiffy grow bags are designed for growing a wide range of crops in hydroponic systems and are made from combinations of RHP certified coco pith and husk chips contained in UV resistant plastic packaging. The grow bags are all 1 metre long, but come in different widths and heights and hence different volumes. The composition of the substrate, (percentage cocopeat vs husk chip), also varies for different bag types.

Grow bags are manufactured in Jiffy’s factories in Sri Lanka and are shipped in compressed and unhydrated form, saving space and weight. Jiffy grow bags provide growers with consistency of substrate quality in a range of growbags that can accommodate a wide range of crops. The bags are pre-prepared, easy to deploy and offer great growing capability.

When all is said and done, Jiffy Growbags provide an excellent growing medium to ensure strong and healthy plants with a long lifespan.

Why use Jiffy Grow Bags?

  • Jiffy Growbags are made from RHP certified, 100% cocopeat and husk chips. This means predictable and consistent quality;
  • EC and pH tested on each batch prior to shipment;
  • Exceptional porosity and water retention to ensure good root growth;
  • Delivered in compressed form for easy and efficient freighting, packaging and storage;
  • Long life – multiple crops (A South African pepper farmer is in his 3rd year and going strong and a South African rose farmer is in his 4th year and still producing very well);
  • Labour efficient, ready to use products, (only expansion with water required);
  • No washing, buffering, mixing, testing or additives required at site prior to usage;
  • Efficient usage of water and fertilizer;
  • Consistent, reliable growth over time;
  • Stable media, environmentally friendly, renewable substrate;
  • Wide range of sizes and lengths provides flexibility and wide application possibilities;