Innovative and environmentally friendly

Manufactured out of coco substrate derived from pithy tissues of coconut husk, Jiffy EasyFillBags are a renewable, environmentally friendly substrate with no disposal issues. Combining this with young plants propagated in a Jiffy Growblock makes Jiffy Hydroponics the only right economical choice for cultivating cut flowers and vegetables on substrate: Jiffy Growblock and EasyFillBag the perfect sustainable match for growing!

RHP Quality Mark for Substrate

All Jiffy Hydroponic coir products are certified according to the high RHP standards, produced by Jiffy Products Sri Lanka, a Jiffy manufacturing location under the RHP membership of Jiffy International AS. The RHP Quality Mark is a must for sustainable growers who only want to work with safe and reliable substrates. The Growblocks, EasyFillBags and Growbags comply with the demands from professional growers; Growblock, EasyFillBags and Growbags conform to the highest standards in chemical and physical requirements, as well as standards for weeds and are free of pathogenic germs making them a viable choice for today’s professional grower.

Quality guarantee

The RHP quality mark constitutes the basis for watertight agreements with substrate suppliers concern- ing the quality requirements with which a substrate must comply. An independent organization performs checks for compliance with these agreements, so that growers can rest assured that the supplied sub- strate will be of perfect quality.

Uniform product

The stringent requirements with which substrates bearing the RHP quality mark must comply translates into every grower using RHP-approved substrates will know that the products will not deviate from the specifications in an inadmissible manner. So no matter what season; Summer, Fall, Winter or Spring, you can be reassured that the quality of an RHP-approved substrate will be the same.

Crop Insurance

Insurance companies often refer to the RHP-quality mark when dealing with crop insurance as for them, RHP certification is a sound guarantee often rewarded with attractive premiums for you.

Limited risk factors

As the RHP Foundation’s quality assurance system covers the entire production chain, risk factors are excluded at a very early stage to leave absolutely nothing to chance.

Easy to use

The EasyFillBag is Jiffy’s answer for the market request to supply a growing media based upon coir in a handsome packaging. Jiffy already supplies coir Growbags, but as these are limited in height (maximum 16cm) some specific growers prefer to have a container system to increase height for better root development. Disadvantage of a container though, is the labour intensive preparation. EasyFillBag is the solution. The combination of compressed coir and folded plastic is key and saves in logistics as well. Simply put the EasyFillBag in the greenhouse, balcony or garden, add water and after expansion the EasyFillBag is ready to be planted with any young plant.

The product can be delivered in a variety of sizes, with or without a dripper and seedling hole according to the specific crop requirement. The coir is packed in two-coloured plastic foil. Black on the inside, to avoid light penetration into the root zone. White on the outside for light reflection, to avoid warming up of the root zone.

Clean, inert and stable substrate

Jiffy coir, as used in the EasyFillBags, is stable due to the naturally high lignin content of the coco sub- strate. Shrinkage is held to a minimum and rapid re-saturation is guaranteed. The clean, inert nature of the substrate allows for the grower to make adaptations to any fertilizer application with a range of EC and pH levels. The coconut husk is the source for coir and can be prepared into 3 main growing media: husk chips, coir pith and coir fibres.

Jiffy EasyFillBag HighYield

Our double layered product is the Jiffy EasyFillBag HighYield. Double layered by means of a top layer with coco pith and a bottom layer with husk chips. The top layer improves the root development of the crop and herewith a quick start of the culture. The bottom layer has a high air content and ensures optimum oxygen diffusion rates in the root zone. Especially in the second half of the season these high air contents turn out to be the base for the successful growing on the Jiffy EasyFillBag HighYield!
Comparisons in practice have shown up to 10% better results with the Jiffy HighYield in relation to standard coco products.

Jiffy EasyFillBag 5050

For specific crops like roses and cucumber we also have a special mix where the good characteristics of husk chips and coco pith are combined. Both products are mixed homogenously to achieve the best possible filling. Positive aspect of the Jiffy 5050 compared to the Jiffy HighYield is a higher water holding capacity. Therefore it suits perfectly for growing cucumbers and roses, especially in the hotter climates.

Jiffy EasyFillBag Husk Chips

Crops which do best in airy substrates can be grown on the Jiffy EasyFillBag Husk Chips (HC). Compared to the Jiffy HighYield and Jiffy 5050 it has a very high air content of up to 42 Vol% when saturated with water. These grow bags are used in our moderate climate zones for growing crops which like to be watered intensively without drowning the root zone. With the Jiffy HC Growbag we ensure the oxygen-level in the root zone needed for successful growing till the end of the season.

ParamaterJiffy EasyFillBag – 5050Jiffy EasyFillBag – HCJiffy EasyFillBag – HighYield
Chemical Parameters
PH5.5 – 6.55.5 – 6.55.5 – 6.5
Electrical Conductivity300(+/- 200)μS/cm300(+/- 200)μS/cm300(+/- 200)μS/cm
Physical Parameters
Material TypeCoco Pith 50% + Husk Chips 50% MixedHusk Chips 100%Coco Pith 50% + Husk Chips 50% Double Layered
Particle Size0.5 – 2.0mm; 4.0 – 8.0mm4.0 – 8.0mm0.5 – 8.0mm
Organic Matter (Weight) %969797
Dry Bulk Density68-78 kg/cbm82-88 kg/cbm75-85 kg/cbm
Air Volume (After Drainage) %254434
Water Volume (After Drainage) %705060
Total Pore Volume %959494
Percentage Volume Change for given specification of EasyFillBag (Total Volume of Expanded Bag: Length x Width x Expansion Hieght)(+/-5%)(+/-5%)(+/-5%)
Item #Expanded Size#/pallet#/20ft#/40’HC
6107161716 x 18.5 x 16cm7001300028000
6107202020 x 20 x 20cm525925021000
6107230023 x 19 x 18cm525975021000
6107250225 x 20 x 18cm450880019840
6107280028 x 27 x 18cm300550013200
6107322032 x 32 x 20cm22439208960